Saturday, March 14, 2009

Cool finds from Pour La Victorie, Velvetine, Use Unused, and LnA

LnA Zipper Legging in Teal

Wow...if only this is available in M instead of XS...

So not everyone will dare to wear such a striking pair of thighs, but I think the color is INCREDIBLE. If you are a size XS, you should get it! Be bold! It will give your outfit such a kick of voltage. I love my hot pink thighs to death, so don't doubt the fact that I would wear this pair of thighs if given the chance.

While you are still contemplating how wearable the leggings above are, here's another cool item (in my opinion) to add to your closet.

This silver top is so cool, you will rock any clubs that you go to. You won't have to worry about what to wear to those late night gatherings with your friends anymore because you can just throw this top on with jeans and accessories and you are done. There are pockets in the front of the top too, not that I would use that to carry my wallet...This top is so futuristic and soft!!!

Ohh...and then there is the bag...

Supposedly, this bag is grey. It looks more like a color between tan and grey. No matter, it is still pretty. I just want to point out that aside from being pleasant on the eye, it has two zipper pockets on each side outside (lots of easy-access storage), and three pockets on the inside. This French-made leather bag is quite a surprising find for me, since I didn't know about Velvetine till just now. Velvetine is a line of luxurious bohemian handbags created by Parisian designers Anne Cecile Couetil and Olivier Guerre ~3 years ago.

Lastly, I found a shoe brand I didn't know about that has stunning shoes. Well, my idea of stunning anyway...

Pour La Victorie Sacha ($280) from Spring '09 collection and Sabrina ($120) respectively. Also a French company, designed by David Giordano, but the shoes are made in Brazil. But aren't the shoes just cooool? And then I found out that sells Sacha $17 cheaper than RevolveClothing. This is why comparison shopping is important! Also, use the coupon code "Ivyblue" for an extra 20% off.

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