Saturday, March 14, 2009

US Treasury to auction off (bargain-priced) Diamonds for those with deep pockets

I realize the recession hit everyone hard, but the rich will still have money, and for those with deep enough pockets to buy commodities in hopes that future prices will be higher, here's a pretty good deal to look into.

Over 600 diamonds seized by authorities when investigating an international money-laundering scheme will be auctioned off at Phillips du Pury's seminal bling auction, Hip Hop's Crown Jewels, on Friday, March 20th. You can preview the lots here, or in person on Wednesday and Thursday. The US Treasury Diamond Auction will be held in the New Yorker Hotel in New York at 10am.


Mr. Nobody said...

aiya...those diamonds are not that good........with bad colours

Mewer said...

well, it would nice if they are auctioning off the Hope diamond, but these are seized diamonds, so...

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