Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Arden B. Dress Event is AMAZING~!

Arden B. Dress Event is amazing!
And let me tell you why...

You can find beautiful spring dresses and trendy jumpsuits at great prices that won't break your bank. I've organized them by categories:

Beautiful short dresses:

The color blue and the ruffles in this dress are so romantic and trendy for the springtime. What's more, this babydoll dress is only $48! You can wear it everyday!!! ( I want it...)

This dip dye dress is nothing like the tie dye t-shirts you had to endure in the 80s. This is sophistication and beauty stuffed into a bottle and floated out to sea...Refreshing, isn't it?

Trendy Jumpsuits:

Off the Shoulder Drape Jumpsuit $68

I love off-the-shoulder items because a woman's shoulders are so beautiful. And it's even better as a jumpsuit! Beyond sexy~~

Black-and-white contrasts are very "in" as well, and with the mix of textures, I would say this jumpsuit is a winner too...Definitely an easy-to-wear piece for cocktail parties to lounges...

Only a few left of this one, which is a a simple version of the jumpsuit that will go ANYWHERE AND EVERYWHERE you want to take it...

Glamorous Maxi Dresses:

This is a very simple dress with just enough boldness and contrast of color to "pop" out of a group. One could easily go from casual to more formal by accessorizing appropriately with this dress.

Want a bright patterned floral dress for spring without looking like grandma? With the fashion-forward print in this dress, it is perfectly sophisticated and is sure to grab all the attention you can handle.

Add to your other-worldliness in this Moroccan print dress. Get ready for some stately and romantic adventure. It'll get rocky from here on in...

The selection is so awesome I just don't know what to choose... @_@ I just dyed my hair today into a strawberry peachy shade and it would go so well with any of these items I featured here...If you happen to buy from Arden B. dress event (click on any of the pictures above to check it out), do share your choices with me!

Remember to use code DRESS2009 when you check out!

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