Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Grey Hair is our bodies' way of saving money~

I love an intelligent man. Probably most women would like that too, which is why Richard Gere is so popular with all his silver hair. Unfortunately, not everyone looks good with grey hair. In case you are wondering, scientists have come up with an explanation for growing grey hair:

"Our hair cells produce hydrogen peroxide, and over time, it builds up, blocking the synthesis of melanin (which provides the natural color to our hair). So when our hair turns gray, it's like a bleaching process from the inside out." - BellaSugar

Whether it is age or genetics, I find it very amusing that getting grey hair is essentially like bleaching our hair from inside out. This means that people should stop feeling ashamed when they dye their grey hair any other color. It is not a cover-up, it is simply a choice of prefered hair color. In fact, they should be proud that their body has saved some money for them by forgoing the bleaching step. How amazing is our bodies, eh?

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