Thursday, March 05, 2009

3 Statement Ankle Boots at 50% off

Ankle boots are the rave right now. The last time I bought a pair of ankle boots, it lasted me almost 10 years, then my mom threw it away >_<~~. They are actually really nice. Why? Well, you can wear them under pants, and they are more comfortable than pumps, and warmer too, but you can wear them with less hassle than wearing full boots. If you wear a skirt, it is also very easy to throw on tights and continue wearing your ankle boots. Nowadays, it is an item that delivers the STATEMENT part of your outfit, along with your bag, of course. Here are some ankle boots from the Last Call Sale on YOOX.COM. Take up to an Extra 80% off! (Ends Mar 10th). You can find LOADS more on YOOX, including lots of basic black ones. When you buy basic black boots, I encourage you to get something with details that provides the OOMPH~!.

I like these pair of boots because the tassels at the back is almost like a subtle version of the fringe boots, and subtle means very wearable. Also, the beige suede material is dead on for the nude trend (I LOVE nude colors~) while giving the boots texture.

I love the diamond blue on this pair of ankle boots, an amazing pop of color!!! Use this to create the statement you want to make.

Here, I also want to say Happy Birthday to fishee, my lovely Pisces friend who loves the color blue because it reminds her of the ocean. Dear fishee, please wear your beautiful shoe collection out and take pictures (like your mom did with the ethnic costume in China), because that's how memorable shoes and bags should be!!! Anyway, hope you swim freely and happily to wherever you wish to explore. XXXHUGSKISS (using cobi's furry mouth)

And I had to include these because they are so eye-catching!!~~~ Isn't Sigerson Morrison simply genius? Actually this pair of boots remind me of Puss-in-Boots from Shrek. Yes, the style is old French, but the shape has been updated, and it looks so modern and chic now~!.

Free Shipping on all orders on YOOX.COM today! (Ends Mar 15th)

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