Thursday, March 05, 2009

Michael Kors Fall '09

The people at BagSnob loved Michael Kors Fall '09 show, and they actually picked out some of the same outfits that I liked. But here are even more outfits I found amazing. I've grouped them according to general themes.

Fur well done! In colors that surprises me immensely. I thought the orange would be ghastly, but it is really striking. The lime-yellow reminds me of Michelle Obama's inauguration suit, but surging with more femininity and luxury. Of course, Michelle Obama wouldn't have worn this for fear of animal-lovers' wrath, but no matter...I just wanted to give MK a thumbs up for not wasting any fur on his watch.

Fur details and Fur accessories. Look at how Michael Kors transformed a good looking black dress and made it GREAT-looking with the contrast in textures. The shine in silk/satin outlined the silhouette and the fuzz in fur puffs up the dress in the cutest, most appropriate spot. The fur collar matched with a beautiful sleeveless trench coat and grey tailored pants was also an outfit that jumped out at me. The tone of the outfit was sophisticated. Then MK added those elbow-high gloves and clutch, and made the entire thing fashion-forward.

Oh my lord, leather. With chunky necklaces. These are very wearable leather dresses indeed. It's actually harder than it looks to make good-looking leather dresses (Trust me, I've been looking). I hope you don't shun these beautiful things. At least I would wear them any single day. Well, ok, you don't really care about what I would wear. So, what if I said these are totally what Angelina Jolie would wear? Perhaps not the baby boomer Angie, but the brother-kissing Angie would definitely don this apparel.

More dresses. This time with a drool-worthy slit up one side of the thigh. The neckline is wonderful on both dresses, and the colors are so sophisticated. The lime asymmetrical dress has such a fresh and chic vibe to it with the most subtle homage to the 80's. And in both, the silhouette is showcased either through structure or movement.

Suits are hot in Fall'09, and MK always gives a simple yet modern solution to fashion. Here MK uses an interesting open collar on a coat and a suit dress. You'll find a similar collar/neckline on a kimono, which was designed to show a woman's neck and part of the shoulder, since it is one of the most modest yet erotic parts of a woman. I love the very put-together look, but also appreciate the opposite- a sleek and easy black suit with silk/satin endings. I can see Kate Moss wearing the latter.

You can see them all at Michael Kors official website. By the way, there is a Michael Kors sale on Ideeli right now. It is a site that is by invitation only. Click here to join.

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