Friday, February 20, 2009

My New Purchase at Gilt: Stella McCartney for LeSportsac

Originally, this EveryDay Bag by Stella McCartney for LeSportsac was $225, but at Gilt Groupe, it is $88!!! Despite my resistance, I succumbed to another gilty purchase. I would like to blame it on chibi, who taunted me for 45 minutes over msn. "It's pretty", he says..."It's $112 on LeSportsac", he says..."It's a good everyday bag", he says...I guess most of you out there would love a boyfriend like chibi, wouldn't you? Well, he's mine, so good luck finding another one like him.

Back to the bag, it is eco-friendly, of course. Stella McCartney always make eco-friendly bags. This bag is made of a soft and sturdy recycled polyester and mesh. It has magnetic flap pockets on the outside, which shoots its functionality up by many points. In the picture, it looked medium-sized, but I realized by its dimensions that it is rather huge. It measures (w) 14.5" x (d) 5.5" x (h) 9" as you can see on a model at Tobi.

Anyway, join Gilt Groupe (invitations only) by clicking here. This is my first eco-friendly bag, and my first Stella McCartney, so I can't wait to update you guys with pictures when I get it.

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