Friday, February 20, 2009

Frugal Solutions for Romance: Passion Forever

So Valentine's day is over, but who says you can only have romance and intimacy on V-day itself? And who says you need to break your bank for love? If you wanted to get something sexy to surprise your man with, you could do it for around $20 USD and look sizzling hot in it. Some might argue that lingerie at this price just doesn't match up in quality to the big brands like La Perla. I'm sure that's true, but if you know yourself well and know that you probably won't have a lot of opportunity to wear these sexy little things (because you have children or relatives living with you), then why not get it cheap? It's just going to come off anyway...tee hee hee...

I am a lingerie freak, and have been really sad that I haven't been able to wear any of my stuff for a long time. My girl friend G.L. gave me a red lace thong from Hanky Panky for Valentine's and now I'm looking for something red to go with it. Just browsing online, I found an inexpensive bustier from K-mart (who would have known to look there?) that looked like something I could wear as part of my vampire outfit for Halloween. Images of Kate Beckinsale in Van Hellsing comes to mind...very hot~~~... I also found a black babydoll dress that is as sexy and cute as it is comfortable. I love the deep V halter design. Mmmm...I feel my brain melting...

Get them at Target.

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