Saturday, February 21, 2009

Donna Karen Sculpted Bias Jean, all that it claims?

I'm posting these jeans here not because of its exorbitant price (close to $600!!!). I'm posting it because the sculpted bias jean is interesting and I could see them become future vintage despite being just denim.

Purportedly, the sculpted bias-cut jean is sculpted to the body to accentuate the positive and delete the negative. But just because they claim it, doesn't mean I have to believe it. However, there is allegedly no outside seam and that is supposed to "instantly slim the silhouette". Honestly, I thought the outside seam can sometimes make our leg look longer because it guides the eye vertically, so I have no idea why Donna Karan thought that designing this jeans without an outside seam will slim the silhouette. But no matter. What I really thought is interesting about this pair of jeans is (1) the obvious quality of the material, and (2) how the denim is sewed diagonally for better movement.

For the first point, the material is purportedly Italian and I believe that because even the naked eye can see how comfortable it seems on the model. As for the second point, I believe that a diagonally placed cloth is not as easy to sew together especially if it's soft as this material seems to be. This is because the cloth can be pulled and bunched if not careful. Of course, denim isn't really that soft so I'm just saying that I like the diagonally threads on the jeans. They are refreshing and certainly a big part of why it's easy to move in the jeans.

That said, is it worth $600? I don't know...Some people have been buying jeans upward of $200/$300, so Donna Karan is simply doubling the price these people are used to. I am still buying jeans in the $100 +/- $50 range, so...forgive me if I pass on these pair of jeans.

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