Thursday, February 05, 2009

Jason Wu, from Vancouverite doll-maker to Inauguration Success

There has been tons of press coverage on Jason Wu since Michelle Obama wore his dress to the inauguration on Jan 20th. The first lady apparently bought the dress a while ago, so Jason Wu himself found out about this honor at the same time the rest of us did, when Michelle Obama walked out on TV during the inauguration ball. Many sites touted the appropriateness of choosing Jason Wu's design because he is equally young (26 yr old) and new to the scene of fashion, as the Obamas are to the scene of politics and presidency. And of course, the Obamas shared the same obscurity as Jason Wu with regards to being an ethnic minority.

Personally, I am just proud that an Asian designer's design was chosen and that Jason Wu was previously a Vancouverite. In fact, my dad knows his aunt, and we have two of Jason Wu's old paintings (from '97) in our clubhouse. Who knew that beside doll-making, Jason Wu was also into making pseudo-sculpture paintings? They are certainly not as beautiful as Michelle Obama's dress, but I thought I would post pictures of his paintings/sculptures to show off how varied this young man's talents are. You will see that they are sculptures because the paintings are 3-dimensional, protruding from the canvas, and life-like.

Check out Jason Wu's Spring Collection after the jump.

Look out for Jason Wu's Spring 2009 collection at Nordstrom and Net-a-porter, coming soon.

You can also find the complete collection at

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