Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Mom's Birthday Gift - Clarins Double Fix Mascara and Instant Lip Magic Color Lip Gloss

As usual, I was extremely indecisive about what to get my mom for her birthday. She doesn't like to celebrate her birthday much, but I thought that a gift is always nice, so I went on to look for small things that she may need or like.

Double Fix Mascara

I was close to desperation (because my mom has everything) when I chanced upon Clarin's Double Fix Mascara. The name sounded familiar, and I realized that BeautyTamaki told me about it before. I had once complained that my mascara would always smudge onto the area under my eye because of the way my top eyelids overlap my lower eyelids, and she said "oh, just use this and it will never smudge!!". Because of the way my brain is, I forgot all about it after and have continued to de-blacken my eyes whenever I have mascara on. Then as I chanced upon this item again, I KNEW that this was it, because my eyelids came directly from my mom and she has the same smudgey problem. Basically, you put your mascara on, and apply this product on to seal it in after. How easy! At $21, it is the easiest thing to a clean made-up face. Trust me, I tried it on and didn't have to clean under my eye area that entire day~~~.

After purchasing this wonderful product, I asked the salesperson what else is new/good at Clarins, and she introduced a limited edition set of eye shadow, colored lip gloss, lip liners, and a Lip Instant clear lip gloss (pardon the crappy picture I took with my phone camera). According to the saleswoman, they are being sold worldwide now, and at the risk of sounding like a shopper who succumbs to every marketing gimick, I actually bought the limited edition Lip Instant Magic Color lip gloss (of which they only have 12).

Essentially, it is a clear lip gloss, but it impressed me because the texture was not sticky and was truly glossy!~ The saleswoman claimed that the lip gloss is like magic because the technology makes it change color depending on what person you put it on, how much of it you put on, and how long you have it on. Personally, I think all these claims are rather B.S. because it is, after all, CLEAR LIP GLOSS. Naturally, the color will look different on different people, DUH!~ We all have different natural lip color to begin with!...Really, what other lip gloss doesn't do what the saleswoman claimed this one does? No matter, it got me at "texture", so I bought it at $20. Certainly, this is pricey for a clear lip gloss, and this is where the limited edition comes in. Hahaha...women are such self-brainwashing animals.

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