Friday, February 06, 2009

Origami Dress from Michael Kors makes my heart race

I have to admit, I am in a sort of black phase right now, even though the whole entire fashion industry is caught up with vibrancy and colors. Of course, my love of colors continues in the background, but the strange attraction to black is really prominent for me right now.

I was drawn to this Michael Kors dress initially because of the name. I thought "this can't be like real origami where you fold paper into exquisite shapes". So I stared at the dress for what seemed like a very long time. This is the kind of times I would rather be in store to flip over the drapings and figure the exact shape of the dress. I could not figure out how this seemingly simple dress could be so intriguing for me. Perhaps it's the asymmetrical bubble shape that juts at the most flattering parts of the body? Perhaps it's the thigh-high slit that's oh-so-sexy? I really am not sure. All I know is, this dress makes my heart race with interest and excitement...someone buy it for me...$1,795.00 at Neiman Marcus

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