Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Hervé Léger Foil Print Bandage dress

Hervé Léger Foil print bandage dress $1,450

Honestly, I was sick and tired of bandage dresses by now, even though I thought they were hot back in August 2008. And then I saw this beautiful metallic gunmetal bandage dress from the master of bandage dresses himself, Hervé Léger (pronounced Er-VE Ley-JEH). The metallic foil print renews the bandage dress in a way that make it seem fresh and almost novel. I also love that the bottom hem is not straight, but two extra pieces are added to it to make it end lower on the sides of the thighs.

I've been wishing for a silver dress and now that I found one this fabulous, I only wish it was within my budget!!! What a beauty!!! I don't know how Hervé Léger did it, but he simply did it. I now put him on a pedestal and worship how he rocks fashion.

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