Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Ella, eh? Ella Moss flirts flagrantly with ivory...

Kiki Front Tie V-neck Dress w/ Mesh $177.00

Ella Moss is known for “flowy femininity with the comfort level of a t-shirt.” Anyone who has worn an Ella Moss clothing will attest to that statement.

Of course, Ella Moss has many great dresses, but I'm obsessing over the Ivory ones right now (they have 3, I only liked 2 of them). The past Fall/Winter season was full of colors in the purple/berry spectrum. Spring came with more earth tones and some continuation of color. And all the vibrant colors have made me miss my nude palettes.

I remember when I was young, my favorite dresses was Ivory colored. I wore them a lot because I felt pure and innocent in those dresses. I felt girly and feminine, like the princesses in fairy tales. A liking of that degree is bound to take root, so I'm not surprised that my ivory fetish has returned. Usually I just drool at ivory-colored bags (OMG, Derek Lam!!!) , but today, Ella Moss dresses revived every ounce of my imagination with these ivory dresses. So what if Valentine is over. I desire these dresses~~~!!! I desire the woman I will be in these dresses!!! Gimme Gimme Gimme~~~

Abigail Ruffle Front V-neck Tank Dress $198

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