Saturday, January 31, 2009

Valentine's gems

So we've all heard the theory that Valentine's day was created such that merchants can have an excuse to sell more of their products to the hordes of lovers out there. And if you are a romantic, you wouldn't care about what the conspiracy theory is, you would go ahead and find a sweet gift for your partner/spouse/gf/bf.

I was telling my little brother lately that it's so easy to buy gifts for a woman. With few exceptions, women are happy to receive bags, clothes, shoes, beauty items, chocolates, and who can forget, jewelry.

Chandelier Earrings by Simon Tu $465
Large Leaf Earrings by Philip Crangi was: $360.00 now: $180.00
Free Shipping on orders over $300 with FEBLOVE at checkout at (valid thru 2/28/09)

Big earrings help frame a girl's face. Long earrings elongates a girl's face and work best when her neck is long (obviously, because of the length). Be careful not to pair long narrow faces with overly long earrings. Choose something modern with roots in nature for chic environment-loving urbanites.

Floral Crystal and White Simulated Pearl Necklace $110 Jet Crystal Charm Necklace $35 Both from
Free shipping on all orders til Feb 8th and Free gift with $100 purchase.

A girl can never have enough necklaces and earrings and so on. Whatever your budget, you can find a pretty necklace easily. While it is easy enough to get an amulet + chain, you can put a smile on her face by choosing something girly and elaborate (not-so-plain) like the above necklaces.

Lime Turquoise Scroll Earrings $14.40
Blue and Green Turquoise Cuff Bracelet $273
Get 10% off any order by using the promo code BAR86 during checkout.

For a girl with personality, give a gift of color. My dear friend A. H. loves green, a very earthy color to wear. Blue is soothing. Yellow is forward-looking and optimistic. Red is hot. Gold is glamorous. Orange is funky and stand-out-ish. Well you get the point. Plus, stones are important. Think about the energy of the person you are giving the gem to.

New Basic Leopard Y-Necklace $110
Leopard Heart Drop Earrings With Bow $35
Asymetrical Leopard Heart Bracelet $45
Free Ground Shipping on all orders over $200.

All good things come in a complete set. Ho Ho Ho...
Well, if you want your gift to get tons of attention from others when your girl wears it, chose something that has an interesting twist, such as asymmetry in an otherwise simple piece.

Modern Paillette Earrings Was $28.00 Now $9.00
Fur And Rhinestone Necklace Was $78.00 Now $39.00
Free Shipping on all orders $75+. Use code SPRING09

Chose something with a unique design to really wow your girl. If you have a budget, look for accessories on sale.

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