Friday, January 30, 2009

Romance blooms with Robert Rodriguez

Robert Rodriguez Hyacinth Shirred Dress

As a continuation of my love for all things coral, I'm featuring a piece by Robert Rodriguez that will charm your man for Valentine's without trying too hard. While shopping at Bloomingdales in December, I spotted a Cherry Blossom Kimono Top by Robert Rodriguez that was so heavenly beautiful that I have been his fan since then. The Christian Dior fan and former employee creates such quality apparel with subtle details and meticulous workmanship that I can't help feeling excited when there is a sale on his item. And what a sale!! This dress is 70% off its original price! The color is already awesome, but the shirring on the side is very well-made and shows off a woman's curves perfectly. Plus you can wear this dress with a blazer and gear it for business, or turn flirt-o-meter to the max with a sheer shawl or lightweight cardigan. You know it's a good deal with a similar dress is being sold at Bergdorf Goodman for $1,675, more than 10 times the prices of the Hyacinth dress!

Check out other sale items from
. And if money is not a matter of consideration for you, then this purple dress from Robert Rodriguez would do the job as well. Your date on Valentine's is sure to drool and wish he could take you home right away.

Robert Rodriguez Dahlia Dress

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