Thursday, January 29, 2009

Gucci Back Pack: Genius or Passè

Gucci has always been one of those brands that I don't think much of due to witnessing too many Asians carry their monogram bags with absolutely no sense of style (it is probably 2nd to LV in that respect as well as the number of imitation clones it has). Occasionally, they do have nice bags, but definitely not within these few years (chibi hates their Hysteria collection).

And what now? Gucci releases Back Packs! I can only imagine that this is in response to the number of well-received messenger bags released on the market recently (e.g., YSL Besace, Hermès Gypsy). I guess it's really not that bad considering there are interchangeable hobo straps to transform the backpack into a normal hobo. But really, is that all the new ideas they can come up with? And how dare they sell a backpack/normal hobo at such exorbitant prices ($3350 for large and $2590 for medium)?! I think Gucci has made a grotesquely wrong estimation of how much demand there isand how much money people are willing to pay for a good backpack. Looks like I won't be changing my mind about them anytime soon.

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