Sunday, February 01, 2009

Exotic Love...

I think the bags speak for themselves entirely. gave Sang A raving reviews but I really wasn't won over until I saw Sang A's Striped Lizard Clutch. I've always love lizard skin's texture and look, which you can't really see in this clutch with all the strips of super saturated colors with varying widths placed next to one another. It has a great 70's vintage feel to it and the Victorian design will stay classic and funky a decade from now! How ingenious to make lizard skin this fabulous!!

The other two bags are very functional bags, except they are made of python skin (WOO HOO!). Of course, yellow fever is going off in fashion world these days as Mimosa is selected to be color of the year 2009. Another great evidence that warm yellow tones are hot is the Isabel Toledo outfit that Michelle Obama wore to the inauguration. So $1,225 is an AMAZING deal for a python bag in the color of the year~!

As for white, well, you know...versatile, ethereal, that sort of idea...In old Chinese folklore, a white snake spirit that looks like a breathtakingly beautiful woman falls in love with a human and had to give up all her power and longevity for love. Sang A is a Korean and a former model/singer, and I'm thinking that she really knows what beauty means...

And my last words will be: No woman can have enough bags (especially exotic ones).

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