Monday, January 19, 2009

Prada Jeweled Cherrvo Dome Bag a military landmine

The description for this bag goes as follows:

"Military python. Shoulder straps; buckle detail. Zip top. Allover black jewel detail. Hanging luggage tag. Made in Italy. Not available in California. "

How fitting that the material is called "military python" (whatever that means), especially since bag itself looks like a landmine that may go off at any time! I am aware of designers' attempts to bring more texture and more details into designer bags (think Valentino bags~), and Prada has been hit and miss most of the time, but this bag really pains me and all the old Prada bags I have in my closet. The black jewel detail set on the "military" python backdrop just feels like warts on a toad or acne scars filled with pus, which makes the bag perfect for attacking someone, but definitely not as a fashion statement. Honestly, why would Prada think that sticking some black jewels at regular intervals onto really expensive python skin makes a good bag? All the black jewels do is to distract from the skin itself!!

For $5,100, you can preorder this Dome Bag at Bergdorf Goodman, though it's more like a "Doomed bag" more than a "Dome Bag", because I really don't see the dome-ness of its shape. That said, I can see how some people will end up liking this bag, as they stare long enough at the jeweled landmine and explode some amount of crazy in their brain.

Thank God, Python is not available in California, so I won't come across this bag in store any time soon. Now, Prada seems to have "jewelled" a number of its bag for the Spring collection, but rest assured, none is as senseless as the Cherrvo Dome bag. In fact, the Jeweled Whipsnake Clutch ($1,295) is really rather cute.

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