Sunday, January 18, 2009

Origins sell youthfulness

"Grow younger naturally." A lofty promise made by Origins Youthtopia™ Age-correcting serum with Rhodiola, the one product from Origins and nature that actually helps combat 87% of the most noticeable sings of aging to help prolong skin's "youthspan".

A two week supply of Youthtopia™ Firming eye cream is Free with any order through Jan. 20. Enter offer code youtheyels during checkout.

Origins Online (ELC)

The patent-pending Rhodiola, a legendary adaptogenic herb linked to longevity, kick-starts skin’s natural repair to help reenergize, visibly correct lines and renew skin’s vibrant and youthful function. Then the rejuvenating Amlalaki complex, the “Fruit of Immortality” from the Himalayas, signals skin to thrive to help avert the appearance of aging.

The bottom line is, you’ll see and feel tighter, tauter skin texture, fewer lines and wrinkles and a complexion that appears significantly younger. And in fact, 75% did feel their skin become firmer, and a similar percentage of people saw younger looking skin with fewer lines on themselves.

This new skin line sounds really exciting, especially with all the natural and exotic ingredients packed into it. But this is probably for an older age group with its "anti-aging" focus. Have any of you tried the new Youthtopia™ Age-correcting serum with Rhodiola? Please share your experiences in the comments if you have!

For younger skins out there, remember to exfoliate regularly to reveal your natural youthfulness. And I love that Origins is all natural so I can use its scrubs often and not feel chemically overwhelmed. However, I am torn between the delicious Never A Dull Moment®icon face polisher ($25) and the more expensive Modern Friction™ ($37). Never a dull moment has apricot, mango seeds, and papaya in it (YUM!~), while Modern Friction has rice starch, lemon oil, and aloe (mmm, soothing~~). What to do?




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