Saturday, November 08, 2008

Prada Resort 2009 Bags

Since I did a post on Miu Miu bags, I thought I would do one on Prada too. Prada Resort 2009 bag collection can now be found on Neiman Marcus and there is a clear continuation of elements found in the Fall 2008 bag collection. Here are some bags from the Resort collection.

Ruffled Chain-Strap Tote $1295.00

After the Nappa S Ruffled Clutch from Fall'08, Prada seems to think that there just wasn't enough ruffles. Therefore, for Resort'09, we now have a tote that is overly adorned with ruffles. It is in black (a sane color) so my violent reactions to this bag is mitigated.

Vitello Mordore'A Hobo $2490.00

Don't laugh, but there is a bag called the "EW tote" from Fall'08. It is in the same family as the Vitello Mordore'A Hobo in that they both have the same basketweave, or should I call it, scales. It is a shame, really, because I like the shape and color of the Vitello Mordore'A Hobo, but it is just too scaly for my taste.

Degrede Clutch $1250.00

This clutch reminds me of the big flashy weddings Indonesian Chinese are prone to having. At those weddings, you will find big living fashion from a decade ago. Women's hair is big and tall. Makeup is unapologetically dramatic, unnatural, and gaudy. Their dresses are equally loud in terms of color and shine. Embellishments are overflowing on dresses and bling bling is worn all over as if anyone can stand the glare and disco lights reflected off of those gowns. @_@ Ok, fine, by comparison, the Degrede clutch is much more tasteful, even if it looks a little like art project glitter. I like this bag, as long as it doesn't go with loud shiny dresses.

Vitello Daino Two-Pocket Tote $1595.00

Well, this is not necessarily a new shape, as the two-pocket design has been done in volumes in Fall'08. However, I posted the Vitello Daino two-pocket tote because it's purple!! And this time, instead of a somber berry/burgundy color, Prada gave us amethyst purple!! Oh happy days~. I will post another post tomorrow with a clutch from Le Chateau in this exact shade of purple and also incorporates the ruffle trend in a sensible manner.

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