Friday, November 07, 2008

New Louis Vuitton Monogram Etoile v.s. Suede Embossed

(Left) Monogram Canvas Etoile Sarah Wallet $895.00
(Right) Monogram Canvas Etoile Partenaire PM Agenda $510.00

New Louis Vuitton bags can be purchased from eluxury and you can now witness the identity crisis of the LV brand with the new Etoile series. It's as if LV officially ran out of new design ideas and aimed instead to milk their old cows in a completely novel way. Somewhere in the LV main office, a group of designers sat around the table and said, "Dior and Chanel both made quilted bags, which were all widely popular. Our monogram canvas needs some fresh ideas, so why don't we do some quilting on our classic monogram and VOILA! New bags! Ingenious!"

Well, no, it's not. I personally think it is plain lazy to introduce new bags with so little inspiration. However, to be fair, the shopper and bowling bag themselves are new designs and very cute bags (when I ignore the quilted monogram). The gold twist-lock closure in front is a new addition to LV bags. And even that made me wonder if LV took from the popularity of the twist-lock closures of Chanel bags and applied it directly to LV locks. Also, the prices of the Etoile bags are more than double the price on most other classic monogram bags.

(Left) Monogram Suede Embossed Whisper PM $4400 USD (approx)
(Right) Monogram Suede Embossed Wish $4000 USD (approx)

Across the globe, you'll find yet another series of cute new bags from LV with a strange element in their construction. Only available in Japan, the monogram embossed Whisper PM/GM and Wish are made in suede. However, these bags have python skin handles attached, which drives their prices way up into the $4000+ range. I really do like these bags with the little locks in a corner. They look like one of those easy-to-use, young-looking, classic bags, that I can pass down to my daughter. I just can't justify buying a suede bag at $4,000+. What do you think of the new bags from LV?

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