Thursday, November 06, 2008

miniPoe at CoutureLab, a magical gift idea

Here's another gift inspiration for the upcoming festive season. Voodoo dolls at its fashion best, so that you can wear them around your neck. These doll pendants are made entirely by hand and have five different characters to match your unique taste (see below for list). Honestly, I love the idea and look of these dolls created by Mina d'Ornano. The characters are distinct and likeable, and in a pendant format, they are extremely interesting. I love magic, charms, and the dark side of things, so this miniPoe creation is certainly up in my alley.

However, the prices are absolutely impossible! They range from $1,523 to $1,632 USD approximately (converted from English Pounds). A few years ago, voodoo dolls (sold at around $10 USD) were really popular in Asia and were sold everywhere as keychains and what nots. These miniPoe doll pendants take it to a whole new level in terms of design and material, but their prices will surely be the one deterrent to any level of popularity. Unless you are entirely unaffected by the currect financial situation and continue to be filthy rich, perhaps it's best to take miniPoe's magical doll pendants as simply an inspiration, and make your own voodoo doll necklaces as gifts to your family and friends.

From left to right:

is the court Jester, dressed in citrus colors. £923, $1,523 (approx)

Neighbor is the warrior with long rasta hair and a coral studded necklace. £941, $1,553 (approx)

Golden Lady is the queen, dressed in gold leather and adorned with Swarovski crystals. £989, $1,632 (approx)

Evil Guest is not evil, but thoughtful. He is elegant and refined with a brocade costume. £941, $1,553 (approx)

Sumi is cute and kind. A whimsical, colorful character with multicolored hair. £928, $1,531 (approx)

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