Sunday, June 08, 2008

Shiseido for Men

To most, a proper skincare including face wash and moisturizing lotion comes as a second nature. However, to many men out there these simple steps for skincare are omitted from their daily hygiene routine only to take notice when blemish, acne or
other skin problem arise.

Over the years I have used various over the counter face wash such as UNO, BIORE for Men, and Neutrogena for men with mixed result. Most leaves the face dry and uncomfortable however they do the job of cleaning the face. My first jump into major branded skincare was when my colleges bought me Biotherm's facial cleanser, exfoliation and Anti-fatigue moisturizing lotion. The difference between over the counter and branded skincare is that the face wash doesn't leave the face uncomfortably dry, and lotions are less thick and more refreshing. That is why when my Biotherm skincare was close to depletion, I choose to purchase another branded skincare. This time it was Shiseido Men skincare.... the whole set.....

Shiseido Men's skincare includes the cleansing foam, deep cleansing scrub, toning lotion, moisturizing emulsion, and eye soother. I was surprised I'd actually buy this much since although I believed that proper skincare is important... for women... I thought face wash and lotion should be enough and that toning lotion and eye cream are for girls. But after using these products for almost a month i've noticed they do actually improve the shine and smoothness of the skin. Cleansing scrub must be used once a week to insure smoothness and efficiency of the skincare. The Shiseido is more thick than the Biotherm lotion which needs a little getting use to however it is by no means oily. In fact it actually helps control oil secretion making the face feel more fresh.

So if your looking for a father's day present or a gift for your better half. Can always consider getting this skincare set.... girls love skincare.. why can't guys!~ =P

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