Tuesday, June 10, 2008

VITALSPA [comfort zone] - Body strategist

It's summer... The sun is bright, weather is good, and I bet many of you are planning to hit the beach... However, one problem arise... the insecurity of bathing suits... What to do... Exercise would help, of course, and a good diet... And if you want to see results faster, a little help from spa treatment would definitely help.

There have been many companies that make products for body shaping. Clarins is one that most have heard with proven results. The "Total Body Lift" is their best selling product that has shown great results for many. Duty-Free shops in airports across the world carry the "Total Body Lift" at discount prices and in gifts sets that makes this product even more attractive.

Another product, VitalSpa's Body Strategist, has also been catching the attention of consumers looking for an easy way to have a better shaped body. Various Taiwan forums have been recommending this product with fascinating results after one month of usage. Here are some posts about the product:

我是買全系列的特惠組美體精華10ml x 8+美體幫浦200ml+皮拉提斯緊緻美體霜200ml 4000塊錢

There was even one person who wanted to reduce her bust size and used this product on her bust, which surprisingly also works!! Of course, results may vary depending on diet and exercise habits... but from what I've read, this product does help... For those looking for additional help in shaping the body, this product might be for you... And lastly...... a note for the lawyers... I'm simply recommending this product.. don't ask me to refund your money if this doesn't work.. =P

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Anonymous said...

Hey, it's fishee here. I was running a search on Google and your site came along! haha...so amazing.
Your site is getting more and more informative and sorry that I still haven't contributed any articles so far. I often contemplate of what to write though.... does it count?

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