Thursday, February 11, 2010

Helmut Lang Gray Leather Quilted Jacket

Here's my lust-of-the-day item. As you can tell, I'm very much into the high-fashion spring neutral shades of GRAY right now. Yesterday, my lust manifested in the shape of a silver lizard boxy clutch by Nancy Gonzalez. Today, it is this amazing lamb leather long sleeve jacket by Helmut Lang.

Don't be thrown off by the "quilted" part. It is definitely not grandma's quilts. The quilted details at the sides actually helps draw the eyes to your waist so that you don't look like a sack of potatoes in this generally unstructured jacket. Helmut Lang is known for making clothes in simple geometric shapes that defines cool chic. I have long wanted a Helmut Lang piece and this would be perfect as a easy-to-wear, go-to item to top off all my outfits...At more than 60% off, I'm really wish I have the money to take this deal off the market RIGHT NOW!! A lot of the other Helmut Lang items have sold out on the Gilt Groupe sale.

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