Wednesday, November 11, 2009

American Apparel and Adia Kibur: what they have in common

I really think this blog could also be named the "What tempts me today" blog...

From Hautelook, this matching nude-colored Loop Terry Zip Jacket ($19) and Mini Skirt ($9) among a bunch of other colorful American Apparel really tempted me today. How understated and sexy is wearing this to play badminton, tennis, or golf? And they are so cheap. >_<~ I'm a sucker for nude tones... On the other hand, Gilt Fuse has some great jewelry Erica Anenberg, A Squared by Alex and Ani, and Adia Kibur. I particularly like the necklaces from the Nadia Lee for Adia Kibur collection. Adia Kibur has been featured in Lucky for their bib necklaces before. For me, the attraction is in the sophisticated undertones and art deco feel in their jewelry. I would feel like a modern woman who knows what she wants wearing these:

In summary, American Apparel and Adia Kibur may seems day and night (both literally and metaphorically), but they both starts with the letter "A" and they both tempted me so badly that I felt the need to blog about them today. OK~! That was a pretty lame way to tie this all together, and unfortunately, it is the truth, so we'll leave it at that... ^_^""

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