Thursday, July 23, 2009

Zebra Trends: Issa Dress Coat and Kelly Chan's Newborn

When I first saw Issa's zebra printed trapeze coat dress, I went "WHAT? REALLY? Would anyone wear this?!?" I'm aware of the animal print trend, which I can't say I entirely approve of despite my love for exotic skins on bags and graphic prints on apparel. However, this dress coat elevates the zebra trend to a much more frightening level. Laid flat, it looked like a shapeless harem jumpsuit meant for workers pretending to be a zebra, possibly for a children TV show. Thank goodness for the next picture of the dress coat on a model.

Seeing the zebra print jersey dress coat on a model made it a lot better. So the designer (Daniella Issa Helayel) wasn't crazy. It actually looked interesting with the graphic swirls and comfortable folds of the dress coat. It actually looked like a dress coat and not a harem jumpsuit or zebra costume. It actually looked rather attractive with the crisp monochrome print and contrast! Kudos for converting me into a believer.

Based in London, Issa is actually a relatively new brand as Daniella Helayel had created it only 8 years ago in 2001. It is now sold worldwide. Check out Issa's Resort 2010 and Fall 2009 collections.

Kelly Chan, a well-known singer-actress from Hong Kong, just had a very high profile birthing (on July 10th) of her first son. That is, she continued to do commercials when she was very pregnant, and she hasn't hidden from the media after giving birth. A week after her son was safely delivered, she introduced her baby (Chace). The adorable baby has a beautiful nose and tiny limbs. But more notably, the baby was dressed in a zebra print outfit!! In this case, there can be no confusion with regards to the appropriateness of the zebra print on the baby. It is simply cute and attention-grabbing. Leave it to Kelly to be on-trend when dressing her son! What I would really like to know is where she bought the babywear.

In the meantime, others have been caught wearing the zebra trend. Michelle Obama wore a zebra print top under a white cardigan while visiting a museum with Barack Obama in Europe. Kelly Osbourne and Michelle Trachtenberg both sported zebra-print frocks, as did Bai Ling, Vivica Fox, and Cameron Diaz. Some did it well while others made questionable choices, but Jennifer Lopez did it best with her zebra print top. This proves that trends work best in smaller dosage, don't you think?

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