Friday, July 24, 2009

Seriously, Don't Shop!

13 of NYC's top online fashion media mavens were gathered under Style Coalition to take part in the DON'T SHOP campaign. The campaign aims at stimulating the public to support the fashion industry and talented designers. Inspired by the DON'T VOTE video aired during the last presidential campaign, the message of DON'T SHOP campaign is to shop even if you don't think you should. That is not to say that everyone should revert back to their days of habitual spending and conspicuous consumption. However, shopping wisely for an investment piece that can be worn for many years to come and passed down to the next generation is another matter. (1) Classics 0 never go out of style. Instead of blowing your hard-earned cash on trendy items or three pairs of the same shoe in different colors, opt for pieces that you will be proud to wear year after year. (2) It's a matter of supporting your favorite fashion designers through the tough economic times. After all, you would want to see them around after the storm is over, right? In other words, shop if you care).

In my opinion, the visuals in this video plays a big part in bringing across the message since the writers/editors all went from plain t-shirts to their respective glammed-up versions of pretty dresses and well put-together accessories. I would love to see more creative collaborations like this in other areas that do not (yet) traditionally make use of media.

Participating in the video were: Yuli Ziv of, Jean V. Pratt of, Felicia Sullivan of, Michelle Madhok of, Lauren Dimet Waters of, Julia Dinardo of, Anne Fritz of, Morgan Williams of, Jennifer Davidson of, Gala Darling of, Sarah Conley of, Carolyn Hsu of, and Dina Fierro of

Enjoy, help us please spread the word...and please, get shopping!

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