Thursday, July 16, 2009

Long Flowy Dresses for Summer

Long flowy dresses are great for those summer events as they are light enough to match the sun and long enough to cover you from the chill/wind. Last Sunday, my family hosted a music recital/party and coincidentally, BeautyTamaki and I both turned up at the event in a long dress and a white cardigan without any previous coordination. 100 points for unspoken synchronicity!!

Club Monaco Sasha Silk Dress ~$200 at Retail

BeautyTamaki wore a beautiful graphic dress from Club Monaco that made my eyes spin from the illusion-inducing prints. I loved how demure and feminine the silk looks on BeautyTamaki, and the element of hallucinic danger from the graphics gave a layer of interest and fun to the dress. The Sasha Dress is like a hippie from the 70's who had stopped smoking weed and decided to drink English tea instead while sitting up very properly. BeautyTamaki was genius to accessorize with white, heart-shaped patterned earrings, and together with her white cardigan, highlighted the airy elegance of her dress.

As for me, I'm happy to say that I wore a dress from Forever 21 that received a lot of complements. Since I posted my maxi dress story at the end of May, I subsequently found the wonderful Satin Silk Bloom Maxi dress at Forever 21 for a steal. People at the party thought the dress was around $200!! And it is no wonder, because my dress was made out of silk and its colors are so vibrant and beautiful. My white cardigan contrasted the bright blue color and my white Steve Madden sandals continued the focus on the vibrancy of my dress. I also tied a gray ribbon around my waist as my belt to make a visual division on the long blue portion of the dress. The next time I wear this ensemble, I think I will do an updo and wear my feather hairband from Urban Outfitters, or find some gray accessories to match.

Alright, so which do you prefer? Vibrant color or airy graphics?


Eva Mendes was seen in a Tibi Fall 2009 maxi dress. Very pretty (I dig her gold belt). Luxaholic has more suggestions for maxis under $250. My favorite happens to be the cheapest of the bunch ($78) from Kimchi Blue of Urban Outfitters. I have a Kimchi Blue dress too and guys try to pick me up when I wore it. Kimchi Blue and Urban Outfitters ROCK!!!~

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