Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Luminous Presence doesn't come cheap

The Frisky did a rather funny post on the LumiTop dress from LumiGram, so I had to post it up here as it was written:


“Hey! Who turned out the lights? I can’t see...oh, wait, let me just turn on my dress.” A genius solution to blackouts, night phobias, people who live in Alaska in winter, and girls who need to be the center of attention, the LumiTop Sophia fiberoptic dress provides a beacon of light in the darkest of fashion scenarios. Most appropriate for fancy evening occasions and “Lord of the Rings” conventions, the gown features a contrasting obi belt and kimono sleeves that are removable. Powered by rechargeable batteries, the dress stays lit up to 12 hours (careful, Cinderella), but can be turned on and off at will by an LED switch. The price tag doesn’t come cheap at a little more than $2,000. But think of how much you’ll save on your electric bill.


And guess what? People like the dress. They hate the belt, but they like the dress!!... And so do I!! If only I had the money, this would be great for cosplay or New York parties. I'll be Queen of Luminosity. If you find the idea cool, and want clubbing outfits, consider this LumiGram top (see below). You'd be the light of the party, quite literally, which is a bad thing if you're the target of an assassination. Please use appropriately.

P.S. The amazing thing is, these things can be washed. Talk about the merging of technology and fashion, eh? Check out directions here.

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