Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Chanel concept car, Fiole

Jinyoung Jo, a car designer in South Korea, made a Chanel concept car called Fiole ("vial" in French). It's awesome, don't you think? You'll find crystal-encrusted double-C logo on the front and wheel rims. Chanel isn't manufacturing this for sale. At least not yet, so this was made just for fun...oh, and what fun! The failing car companies of America should consider making cool next-generation cars like this in order to...well, stop failing...

More pictures here and here.

And while we are on Chanel and this awesome futuristic car, it's not hard to imagine Karl Lagerfeld, the fashion designer icon who heads Chanel's designs currently and has a larger-than-life personality to match, would be totally into buying up the Fiole at a hefty price and driving it.

Oh, but that's not all! Now, you can also add the image of him carrying this "Karl, Who?" bag (see below) after driving and parking the Fiole in the airport parking lot. Ho Ho, all in a day of the life of the legendary fashion designer.

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