Friday, May 01, 2009

Pour La Victoire Strappy Heels

PLV Strappy Heel
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Aren't these cobalt blue Pour La Victoire strappy heels just beautiful? I'm seriously lusting now...unfortunately, my lifestyle right now has no use for these gorgeous heels. Nevertheless, I could still rave wildly about these beauties! I haven't posted anything about Urban Outfitters for a while now, but I continue to be a great fan of that store and all the apparel and accesorries in there. Check out their new accessories here, and their new shoes here.

Anyway, back to PLV shoes, my friend A.J. just bought three PLV shoes and one Report shoes from, which is having a spring event right now. I thought I would share A.J.'s shoe choices with everyone because talking about PLV and Report shoes really excite me.

Pour La Victoire - Pascale (Black Leather) - FootwearPour La Victoire - Pascale (Sand Leather) - Footwear

Pour La Victoire - Pascale Platform Sandals

First on the list is my favorite, the Pascale Platform from PLV. A.J. got this in black, which is hot~. And I think the sand color one is amazing too!! This pair of gladiator sandals may look very fashion-forward, but they are very comfortable too as it wraps all around your feet to support your walking needs. The details on the shoe is also very impressive. For example, some straps are weaved through the main piece of leather in the middle, there are studs subtly placed along the side of the shoe giving it both edge and sophistication, and the top two straps are braided to add that much more feminine texture to the shoe.

Pour La Victoire - Paige (Cognac Leather) - FootwearPour La Victoire - Paige (Black Leather) - Footwear

Pour La Victoire - Paige Sandal

Is it just me, or does this pair of sandal invoke a sense of sado-masochism. This is the kind of tough shoe you should match up with the most feminine frocks to balance out the two elements. Also a gladiator sandal, the front piece looks like an armor to me. A.J. got this pair in the sand color, so I thought I would show the Cognac color, which has a very different feel, and is also very delicious. She thought the Paige sandals were the least comfortable among the four sandals she bought because "the bottom was too narrow in the front and the front strap is a bit loose so the ring toe tends to be squeezed out a bit."

Pour La Victoire - Bethanie (Pewter Metallic Crackle) - FootwearPour La Victoire - Bethanie (Black Boa Snake) - Footwear

Pour La Victoire - Bethanie (Pewter Metallic Crackle or Black Boa Snake)

These have the slinkiest heels of all three PLV shoes A.J. bought, so it might come as a surprise, but according to A.J., these are the most comfortable pair. She got it in Teal (not shown here) and is probably still lusting over the Metallic Pewter, which is OH SO SEXY!!! But exotic teal is oh-so-beautiful too, A.J.! Plus, teal-colored shoes are statement shoes, so it's all good~~.

Report - Tocai (Coral) - FootwearReport - Tocai (Nude) - Footwear

Report - Tocai (Coral or Nude)

These Tocai sandals reminds me of Marni shoes because of the use of patent and the color combinations. A.J. thinks they are daunting, and that makes me even more curious than ever (having never tried them on before). Yet, oooh, they are so hot!!! I would like to try pairing them with geometic mod dresses, flowy print dresses, or just sharp basic apparel pieces. Looking at these sandals really gives me the feeling of Spring!!! Great buys, A.J.!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the reviews, S. I got golfed out last week. I played 5 days of golf, which is one day more than tour players, lol... Didn't have a chance to check out your blog till now. I LOVE the strappy blue sandals from Urban Outfitter. Wish I could have it. I love blue. I've been golfing everyday so didn't have a chance to wear my shoes yet, except for the Paige Pour La Victoire sandals. They're still as I felt, narrow in the front. However, they're very light weight, not bad walking around in them.

Mewer said...

Hey A.J., I went to the driving range yesterday and couldn't hit the ball at all..@_@ I can't believe how good you got at golf in a relatively short time!!!

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