Sunday, May 31, 2009

My Denim Collection

Since I am going to the Warehouse Sale in Santa Monica today to browse for jeans for my elder brother, I thought it would be a good time to fulfill my promise to my friends that I would upload pictures of my jeans collections. I got most of them online, on sale and cheap. As you all know, it is difficult to find the right denim fit when buying online, especially since different brands have different cutting (and different jeans within the brand also differ in fit!). I agree that it is hard to buy jeans online and always better to buy in-store, but if you just want everyday jeans (i.e., normal ones) from premium brands, you can still buy online at great discounts. In fact, most of these jeans I bought are at least double the price I paid and more than $100+ at retail! I'd say I got myself some good deals. Well, here goes...

My Adriano Goldschmeid (AG) Jeans (~$41USD)

I bought this pair on and they feel really sturdy just like chibi's pair of AG. As you can see, the back pocket logo is one of the most recognizable and unchanging denim logo around. Also, their name is really hard to say or spell in its entirety.

My Paige Denim (I forgot if it was $60+ or $80+)

These ones weren't as cheap as the others only because it wasn't as deeply discounted. I bought it months ago at eLuxury and it's made of a soft material that has a nice weight to it. I might be due to the fact that it is a wide-leg jeans. I haven't worn these yet because chibi hasn't gotten around to shortening the hem for me. As you can see, the back logo is very plain. But the insides of the jeans is a printed patterned lining that makes me happy everytime I see it =P. This is definitely high on comfort because of how soft + sturdy it is!

My Paper Denim (~$27 USD)

Paper denim was probably one of the first premium denim brands to become highly popular, but since I lived in Canada at that time, it was impossible to buy them up at upwards of $200. I also tried one pair on once a long time ago at Aritzia and got highly discouraged by how my fat was unnaturally squeezed and bent out of shape in them. Fortunately, the one I got on was dirt cheap AND they are so comfortable I could keep wearing them forever. Sure people don't talk much about Paper denims anymore, but they do have a special texture to them that can be endearing (if you manage to find the right size and fit, I guess). Back pocket is plain too, but I like the round shape inside the more angular shape pattern. Ah, I'm just biased because I love touching these jeans...

My DVB denim (~$40USD)

DVB is Victoria Beckham's denim brand and even if she owns more than 150 Hermes Birkins that I would love to kidnap, and her recent collection of dresses costing over $2,000+ was sold out in hours because Roland Mouret was her design mentor, I still do not have any high expectations for anything associated with the robot-like woman.

But I'll be really fair and say that these are extremely soft and stretchy. Unfortunately, that means I should have gotten them in a size smaller from to get a better fit. The stretchy material starts to drop from my hips if I wear it without a belt. I will confess though, I love the grey, and I love how soft this is, and the pocket is just the right size to make my butt look good. Good job, Posh Spice (even if she didn't design this herself, as is the case in most celebrity brands)! I am actually starting to think that it would be fun to go shopping with that girl.

My Moussy (~$110USD)

This is my second pair of Moussy Jeans, the staple of denimwear in Japan. I got my first pair at the Breeze Mall in Taiwan at a slightly elevated price (I didn't know they go on sale sometimes, as BeautyTamaki informed me sometime after chibi and I broke her into her first pair). This pair, I bought in Japan at full price too. This is also a skinny style and it's stretchier than my first pair of Moussy. Both of them make me look thinner!!! How? Somehow, the cutting of the jeans and the material holds in my thighs with a lifting and focusing effect, which doesn't cut off my circulation. Moussy Jeans are the best in the world especially for young Asian women!!!

Also, I would like to mention my Chip and Pepper boyfriend jeans ($58), which isn't posted here because my mom did a major Nip-and-Tuck operation to it since it came too big. First of all, I would like to complain that Chip and Pepper has inconsistent sizing. I bought one from Gilt Groupe in size 27 and my butt and thighs was too big for it so I had to give it away to a mother of one who is 4 inches taller and 2 kg lighter than I. Those wide-leg denim fits chibi's sister-in-law so perfectly and she didn't even have to shorten the hem since her legs are so long.

At the same time, I also bought one in size 28 (both were ~$58), and it was WAYYY too big. Even if it was a boyfriend jeans style, it was still ridiculously baggy and unfeminine. I saw the potential in it though and had to make it wearable! Luckily, my mom is a genius seamstress and she got it to fit me perfectly. Now I think my Chip and Pepper are my go-to jeans for casual comfort. Chip and Pepper really does use very lightweight and soft materials to make their jeans. They are even more comfortable than the Paper denim above and in fact, they feel a little like pajamas to me, partly because there is wear-and-tear designed into those jeans =P.

Last words, I would realllllly like to try Citizen of Humanity jeans next. chibi's CoH are his best pair of jeans that we happened to chance upon ON SALE for $70+ at Saks Fifth right before Christmas. Yes, we contirbuted to the 4th quarter loss of ~$98 million that Saks Fifth suffered last year due to aggressive price cutting. But who cares about that when I can get $70+ CoH denim?!? I wish I got more of them, one for my dad, one each for my two brothers...After all, chibi's butt looks really good in his CoH. Stately, but sexy.

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