Saturday, May 30, 2009

Exciting Nail Polish Collaborations

There are two nail polish collaborations you should know about this summer:

(1) OPI and Paige Premium Denim = Bright Pair

Six Shades:

Basically, all six colors of nail polish (below) comes out with matching denim from Paige, thus making the name of the collection, "Bright Pair", completely self-explanatory. Go to BellaSugar for more pictures.

(2) Essie and Judith Ripka (jewelry designer) = Hidden Gems

Three Shades:
Put A Ripka Ring On It (soft pink)
Heart My JR Jewels (deep burgundy)
Queen Of Hearts (true red)

Remember Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory? Here's the nail polish version of getting golden tickets to a happy place (sort of). Essie nail polish teamed up with Judith Ripka to produce three shades of nail polish, which seem pretty normal until you learn that there are three bottles out there that contain a little something extra (i.e., a diamond, an emerald, and a sapphire). It's like a lottery, smart marketing gimmick, I would say...appeal to the gambling sense in everyone to differentiate from the crowd. I myself, wouldn't mind getting a Queens of Hearts (true red) nail polish...

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