Thursday, May 28, 2009

Jill Sander's Inverted Heel Sandals

Inverted Heel Sandals (Was: $575, Now: $168)

I've always admired Jill Sander's bags for their simplicity and functionality. A lot of her apparel and shoes also have the same element of no-fuss coolness to them. But I came across this Inverted Heel Sandals at Gilt Groupe's sale of Jill Sanders and I couldn't help wondering HOW this could be comfortable. As opposed to Birkenstock's solid arch support, this inverted heel sandal may only use a low heel, but look at the empty space where the arch is supposed to be!!! I am convinced this sandals wouldn't be comfortable, but alas, the dark blue version of this sandals is already sold out on Gilt Groupe. What's going on???


bbdolphin said...

this look ridiculously painful!

Anonymous said...

I just received mine in blue from gilt. They actually are very comfortable. I wouldn't recommend them to someone who needs extra arch support, but if your feet are in good shape, these are great. The sole and heel rest are both nicely padded. I can't say the same for the heels, which i may be sending back.

Mewer said...

Wow, Anonymous, thanks for letting us know!!

kids footwear said...

Sandals happen to be worn by men of all ages for their casualness whilst ladies use them predominately for their gorgeous attractiveness.

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