Monday, May 04, 2009

Frilly dresses for the summer

Today, I got sick shopping US sites, and went to the shopping section of Yahoo! Japan for fun and found this cute and frilly dress~! Ruffles and a ribbon around the collar and layered skirting make this chiffon dress perfect for expressing the girly part of yourself that wants to be pampered. Hahaha...I particularly love the white flower on the model's hair. It only costs 3,998Yen, which is roughly $40 USD. Granted, you would probably need to be slim to wear this dress which has the maximum effect in the summer when you can show off your legs.

Then I went on Yahoo! Taiwan to find other frilly dresses (because I was bored, ok?) And I found this sweet little layered dress that looks like strawberry cake. Again, you need to be stick-thin to wear this look well, but it invokes vision of peach-colored spring heaven for me. Call me a romantic, but I like it. And it's only 680NT, which is around $20-$25 USD.

Lastly, a more OL (Office Lady) dress that was made in Korea...Also about $20 USD. And this is why I miss being in Asia. The quality of those clothes may not be very good, but you get to try out different items that may not last more than one season. Moreover, North American clothes makers do not seem to like frilly dresses as much as Asian manufacturers. My friend S.K. may not like anything with chiffon and silk, but I love love LOVE frilly material. I understand that these may not look good on North American women and thus, the demand is low for these dresses here. Plus, it's just not warm enough to wear such frilly clothes everyday. Sigh~~~...

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