Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Converse & Havianas 30% OFF at ShoeSteal

$35.99 (31% OFF original price: $51.99)

A few weeks ago, I posted about Christian Louboutin coming out with sneakers, and wondered aloud what the point was in that. After all, we have Converse sneakers, which are sporty, unique, and generous all in one. The above sneakers, which don a little red riding hood on the side with mushrooms and birds, are simply adorable. I picked it out thinking chibi would reject it for its almost child-like cuteness, but he actually liked it!!! Seeing that his last special edition Converse has been worn out, we will be getting this pair of sneakers AND apparently, we will be doing good, because it's part of the RED movement, so part of the proceeds goes to The Global Fund to fight Aids, tuberculosis and malaria.

Havaianas Women's Slim Stripes
$14.99 (32% OFF original price: $22.00)

Havaianas Biege Golden Women's Slim
$14.99 (32% OFF original price: $21.99)

Next, I am getting a Havaianas thong sandal because I had to throw away the last one I bought from La Vie En Rose (Canada) for $3-$5. As you can imagine, a number of things can go wrong with a $3 sandal. For the black sandals I threw away, the cloth surface of the sandals came off and when I wore it, the bottom of my feet became black. For the one I gave chibi, the front part of the thong detached from the sandal and chibi fell, hurting his feet. (I'M SORRY, MY LOVE!!!)

Anyway, Havaianas sandals are popular worldwide but I always thought it was overpriced, so I didn't buy any in Taiwan. However, I think it's time to get one if not for the sake of our feet, then at least for the sake of testing out the hypothesis that not all sandals are made equal. Hopefully in a few months or a year, I can tell everyone decisively that Havaianas price is justified and a good investment to make. In the meantime, I am again lost about which color to buy. @_@

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