Monday, March 09, 2009

Prada Vitello Shine Tote

The Vitello Shine Tote is made out of denim calf leather. No, that is not a new material combining leather with denim (cotton). It is merely calf leather that is in the color of "denim". Honestly, I don't see jeans in that color often, but let's not be literal here. It has a snap closure, double top handles, inside and outside zip pockets, and removable chain detail. Measuring at 12"H x 15"W x 7 1/4"D, this is a good sized bag with details that I have never seen from Prada!!! Where did this come from?

I'm totally blind-sided by how this bag looks more like something from the Miu Miu collection than the Prada collection. Especially since the rest of Prada's Spring Runway bags look like this.

There is also a Vitello Shine Bowler (in brown and grey), but it isn't half as young and fresh as the Vitello Shine Tote in Denim. For the most part, it is the denim color that makes the Vitello Tote youthful. (There is also the fact that bowler bags are carried by an older demographic.) But back to my point.

The Vitello tote in denim stands out from Prada's collection for being more chic than usual, and it is also very functional with the outside pocket details. I really do welcome the change and hope hope hope it will continue. I am even willing to accept the inevitable increase in weight because of the decorative hardware. Despite Prada being overpriced and frumpy (or simply strange) most of the time now, no one will argue that they make quality bags, and thus, any occassional good taste on Prada's part will turn out AMAZING bags. In sum, I would LOVE to carry the Vitello Shine Tote in denim, and I would be absolutely proud to have caught Prada on good design behavior.

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