Thursday, March 12, 2009

Fabulous Francesco Biasia Tote Bags

At heart, I'm a tote bag person. I know that chibi is very much into hobos, which is best categorized as a shoulder bag, and it's not that I think hobos aren't pretty. In fact, I think hobo bags are awesome, especially when they are big like a tote. When it comes down to it, I just like my bags to be big. The comfort of throwing all my things in them without having to decide which ones I do not really need, the way it hangs easily on my shoulder ending around my waist, and lastly, the number of BOOKS I can throw in them!!! Totes are like magical bags!

So I've been keeping my eyes on Francesco Biasia since last summer, and now they have a number of totes that are really tugging at my strings of desire...

Erica - Cotton and Eco-leather Tote Bag

Erica - Cotton and Eco-leather Tote Bag - $329

Read the name of this tote properly. YES! It's made out of coated cotton with patent-like eco-leather trim!!! Eco-friendly bags are AWESOME!!! Of course, we want to be eco-friendly and still have the look that we want, and this bag provides all the sleekness, practicality, and color we would want!

Lea - Studded Calfskin Tote Bag

Lea - Studded Calfskin Tote Bag - $1,196.00

The best is yet to come. In addition to being in a cool olive color, this bowler tote is something that would go extremely well with biker chic. Tough elegance? Hell yea!!! It is a LOT more expensive though...sigh~~~

Allison - Large Calf Leather Tote Bag

Allison - Large Calf Leather Tote Bag - $578

And then there is turquoise (also in white). The braided handles are unique and certainly not a repetition of what you've been seeing out there. (Click on picture to see details). Also, the soft shape is delectable for a tote lover like me. Just by having a soft bag on your shoulders (instead of a structured and hard one), I feel a lot more relaxed~...

Caroline - Large Two-tone Woven Leather Tote Bag

Caroline - Large Two-tone Woven Leather Tote Bag - $870

In Black, Passion (shown above) and Sand, this two toned woven leather bag is perfect for reminding people that Francesco Biasia also makes quality woven bags in their own unique style without having to copy Bottega Veneta. It's the bag in their campaign, so you can visualize how amazing the two-toned bag looks with an outfit.

Lastly, FB has a tote that easily goes from day to night. Don't believe me?

Ashley - Calf Leather Frame Tote Bag

Ashley - Calf Leather Frame Tote Bag - $398

In supple nappa leather, this bag has plush side ruffles and built in handles. The unfortunate thing is, the shoulder straps are not removable, or it would be a tote by day and a clutch by night! It is smaller than the others, but still a good sized bag measuring 12.20" (W) by 9.45" (H) by 4.72" (D).

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