Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Balenciaga Clutches Spring 2009

As seen on Balenciaga website
Clutch "Bague" in Laser, Crocodile and Agate

As seen on runway (Style.com)
Clutch "Bague"

Here you see the Balenciaga "Bague" clutch from the Spring '09 collection. Very cute. In the two colors I really like, pink and blue. I do love Balenciaga's city bags and Arena giant envelope clutches, but it seems like the wonder stops there with Balenciaga. Well, this Spring, Balenciaga came out with a number of eye-catching clutches. That is, in addition to the upgraded Spring versions of the Arena giant envelope clutches in great colors and with cutout details around the zippered front.

You can see that the reason why they are eye-catching is the materials used in making these ultra-structured clutches. Decked out in crocodile skin that had gone through extra treatment, most of the clutches also use agate for a nice contrast. Talk about over-the-top to counter the recession!! The holographic crocodile, laser crocodile, and two-colored crocodile skins are like divine marble. However, you can expect them to be high in price as well as impracticality. Such a small bag item is only able to fit the essentials among essentials. Perhaps for a busy evening party where you would not have time to touch up? Well, we could certainly still enjoy the view and appreciate Balenciaga for the glossy effort.

As seen on Balenciaga website

Clutch "Tube" in laser crocodile and agate

Clutch "Lune" in hologram crocodile and agate

Clutch "Tank" in laser two-coloured crocodile

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