Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Amazing Michelle Phan on Youtube

My friend sent me one of her videos on Youtube and now I'm hooked!!! 40 thousand people have subscribed to her Youtube channel, and over 990,000 have viewed it. Who is she? Well, Michelle Phan is a beautiful 21 year old from Boston, USA. But she is not just an average girl! In addition to majoring in Illustration in the Ringling College of Art and Design, she is celebrated as an online beauty guru to everyone who finds their way to her hair, makeup, and skincare teaching videos on Youtube. She also maintains a blog on Xanga, and she is coming out with a skincare line soon.

What I like about her is that aside from her obvious beauty, she is also extremely creative and smart.

Here, she teaches people to use aspirin and honey as a mask! If that scares you, listen to the chemistry lesson she gives at the beginning of the video. And if you are really open to cheap alternatives for skincare, she also has a video introducing a facial mask made out of kitty litter (haha~~).

The last thing that impressed me about Michelle Phan is that she is a chic nerd!!~ She puts her video together wonderfully with music and illustrations, and she shows her l33t gaming side on World of Warcraft, Wii, and PS3.

Check out her channel for how to have seductive smokey eyes, anime eyes, romantic curls, curls from paper bags (no heat!), and so on...

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