Sunday, February 08, 2009

$10 Naturalizer Gold Shoe!!!

So the story is, chibi's mom wanted a gold shoe that she can wear to parties but it is incredibly difficult to find. She has arthritis so the joints in her feet are swollen and can't fit into narrow shoes. She also cannot wear anything with too high of a heel. However, she is not willing to go in a flat evening shoe for formal parties. Finally, I found this shoe from Naturalizer that fits all the requirements except that it is a peep toe. And it is now amazingly cheap at
. Unfortunately, chibi thought it best to leave his mom's shoe needs alone, because she can be picky with the things she buys/uses. In my head, all I can think about is..."BUT IT IS ONLY $10!!! Its heels are not too high!!! It is only available in your mom's size and in WIDE!!! It is FATE!!!"...sigh~ what can I say, it is not my mom...

I just had to share that story in case it turns out buying would have been a better choice, then this post would be my proof that I AM RIGHT......

70% off sale at

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