Monday, January 26, 2009

Wonderful in White

Chic Pencil Skirt in White

I've been hunting for pencil skirts lately because I don't really have my basic colors in pencil skirts. I know from experience that white skirts are wonderful because they go with everything and look great (even though you have to take care not to splash spaghetti sauce on them). However, it is not easy to buy a white skirt, especially a figure-hugging one like a pencil skirt. Luckily, this Laundry by Design pencil skirt is elegant and thick enough to be discreet, which means that you won't have to worry about your panties showing through this cotton blend skirt. How very wonderful indeed!

Satin Dress with Lace Band in Vanilla

This is another dress I saw at that really struck my fancy. It is on sale as well, and coincidence, coincidence, it is also white. You can't really go wrong with a BCBG, but this Vanilla Satin Dress has such a classic flair to it that I couldn't help but post it here. The website rightfully describe the dress as "a new twist to old Hollywood glamor". Both the skirt and dress hit right above the knee, which is my recent criteria for practical purchases (seeing that I'm not that young anymore). Well, technically, only the pencil skirt can be considered practical here, but for those of you planning a wedding, the BCBG satin dress is PERFECT for your bridesmaids!!! Just as long as you have an even more stunning wedding dress, that is... ... ...

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