Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Lavera Organic All Natural Skincare

Lavera Skin Care originates from Germany and is known for its all natural paraben-free skin care and makeup. MakeupAlley.com has good reviews of Lavera in general though the numbers of reviewers so far are very few. Considering how organic skincare is all the rave right now, I'm surprised that not more people has paid attention to Lavera. TeenVogue did have a post on Lavera's Volume Mascara ($22) and touted its ability to give your "lashes a long, sweeping, natural look that's like your own lashes, just better". With Organic Jojoba & Wild Rose Oils as ingredients, the Volume Mascara is equivalent to a mascara plus an eyelash conditioner!! Other than cosmetics, you can also get the perfect sunless tan with Lavera's all-natural self tanners, fight the signs of aging with Lavere premium anti-aging protection line., and bring out beautiful healthy looking skin with Lavera's FACES skin care line. Give it a try, you'll get free shipping with orders more than %50, and get 3 free samples from Lavera's website.


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