Thursday, January 15, 2009

My Hautey Saint Grace

Back in October, I bought a Saint Grace Emma Dress (above) from Hautelook for $34. It was marked down from $124, which was great~, but then over the holiday season, I saw blowout sales at Hautelook that brought the price of my dress to $15. Also, my Stelle by Gilbergilmore pants that I bought for $85 (down from $242) became $41 during the blowout sales. Naturally, I wasn't I did what most women would have done...and bought another one of Stelle's pants in a different color. I did need both the black and the charcoal grey colored pants I bought, so it wasn't like I went out of my mind or anything.

So what is my point? Well, it is certainly not that we should hold out for a crazier sale than the ones in the present, but to purchase within budget and with purpose. As long as you use the things you buy, who's to say that you wasted money buying it at a higher sale price (which is a good deal anyhow)?

Speaking of which, Old Navy sells an extremely similar version of the Saint Grace Emma Dress for $16.90. The main difference is in the thickness/quality of the material as well as a slight difference in cutting~.

Women: Women's Twisted-Strap Tank Dresses - Cyclamen

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