Thursday, October 09, 2008

Saint Grace perpetrates indecision at

Yes, it is the same dress in 8 colors. But my excuse for indecisiveness is that all these colors are so pretty!! I can imagine myself in each and everyone of them, looking sultry, supple, and feminine, and maybe just a little bit hot. I am aware that it is merely my imagination employed to justify buying a couple of these Emma dresses, because I am after all rather flat-chested, and I dread to think how my lack of endowments will seem in this dress. Yet, it is extremely tempting to play out how amazing I will look in each and every one of these dresses. At 73% off, I can certainly get more than one!~ What should I do?

Saint Grace Emma Dress at
Now $34.00, Was $124.00 (Save 73%)

Color names from top left, clockwise: Banana, Dark Rose, Perfume, Turqoise, Ivory, Lipstick, Sorbet, Rain.

These names prove my point exactly! With such inventive and colorful names, Saint Grace is certainly creating their color choices to entice and encroach customers, and to purposefully perpetrate indecisiveness. Its sale on will end in approximately 21.5 hours and it has many amazing tops for you to consider. As for me, I love the Emma dress, I will just need to decide which color to buy!


Mewer said...

Sigh~~~ After hours of deliberation and seeking help from friends and family, I finally decided on the lipstick (red/pink). I reallllly want a purple dress!

Jaclyn said...

I just bought the same one! We can be twins ...weird I'm thinking I might also want the white one can never go wrong w white!

Mewer said...

Hey Jaclyn, When you get your dress(es), I invite you to send a picture of you wearing it (them) in. You can exclude the face if you want. And I'll match it with my picture in my dress!! ^_^

Jaclyn said...

Cool I will ...I ended up getting the white too!

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