Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Puma Mongolian Shoe BBQ: Design your own shoe

Dissatisfied with all the shoes you see in stores? Always wanted to design a shoe? Well, the brains at PUMA now bring you the Mongolian Shoe BBQ, a platform where you can cook up your own shoes and show off your design chops. And did I mention it is really fun? You can also browse the gallery of shoes designed by users just like you. I cooked up my own shoe, but I'm too shy to show it here. To compensate for that, I shall show you a strange little concoction I found at the Puma store.

This sandal is what you would call, a "golf sandal" in every way. Puma infused traditional golf elements with sports sandals and "evolved" it into a very funky thing. And I can't say I hate it. It is very strange, I'd admit (and that is why I'm posting it here). But it is aesthetically pleasing and will certainly be unique. So what do you think?

By the way, You can save 20% w/ coupon code AF28 + free shipping on orders over $85 thru 11/30 at Puma.

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