Saturday, November 15, 2008

Juicy Couture Personalizable Monogram Gifts Smart Move for Christmas

Seeing that Thanksgiving and Christmas is soon to be upon us, Juicy Couture is making an extremely smart move in providing "exclusive" personalizable gifts on Neiman Marcus. It really is an old and very simple tactic to make your gift a tad bit more special. You can add an initial to both men's and women's track suits, and for the day dreamer tote, you can add a line of words where the "Go Wildcat" is at with a limit of 12 character/spaces. Thus, an ordinary tracksuit or bag is made just for the gift receiver, making Juicy Couture's Monogram gifts that much more desirable for the holiday season.

In my opinion, Juicy Couture is and always has been overpriced and sewing an initial or some words onto their products does not make it less overpriced, but it does make me think that I should learn to create monograms with chibi's new sewing machine. And if I run out of time, maybe I will consider Juicy Couture.

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