Sunday, November 16, 2008

Clutches and Totes with personality under $500!

Remember my post about Kooba bags on sale at Bergdorf Goodman? Apparently, their prices are mostly, if not all, matched on Neiman Marcus's sale, also 40% off. And Neiman Marcus has more selection of bags on sale. I am sure there will be deeper discounts later on in the season, but the bags I covet might be gone by then. I couldn't help myself so I picked out a few that I like here.

First up, Bottega is still the best at making woven bags, but here we have Lauren Merkin's Louise Woven Leather Clutch in beautiful Grey and Eggplant! I've been loving Lauren Merkin's clutches for a while now, and this is BY FAR the most delectable one I've seen from them!!! And it is ON SALE!!! I love both colors. The grey is a little bit green to my eyes, but it's still stunning nonetheless. What to do? What to do?

To continue professing my love for Kooba, here's a tote that has enough personality to make any girl distinct!! My friend, Claire De Lune, has been looking for rectangular tote for everyday use, and I am definitely recommending this one in grass (green) color. It's big, sturdy, and so very unique! And I really just love the green because it reminds me of jade and tropical forests~ ^_^ ahhh, the smell of grass~~~.

I told my friend, A.S., that I am against Tory Burch because they tended to plaster their logo blatantly across a lot of their insufferable totes. However, when they refrain from the loud logo action, Tory Burch does come out with decent bags. This may be a little bland for some people, but I like it. The art deco look of the clutch feels both edgy and elegant. This is definitely a day-to-night bag, though you probably can't carry anything more than essentials in it.

I truly can't help it. This pink clutch is soooo cute. Of course I would prefer a Fendi mini Baguette or Chanel 2.55, but this Penelope Clutch is actually affordable!!! Ok, it is small, so the clutch is more like a great party bag or for making an appearance somewhere. Hey, but you can use it as your purse inside your day bag and grab it on short trips out of your car! The pink on this clutch is soooo cute that I am re-considering my friend, A.S.'s coveted tote buy at Coach (the Leather Juliene $458).

Cole Hann comes up with safe but good-looking choices in bag designs. Classic and nothing too original. However, I decided to post this one here because it's under $300, a nice estate blue, and has an optical illusion thing going on with its weaving, which adds interest to the eyes and make it special. It reminds me of the Illusion tote by Bottega but without the ugly circles (sorry, my beloved BV).

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